Scarlet Bakes- Belgian White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie Mix- Product Review

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I was recently given Scarlet Bakes-Belgian White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie Mix by a friend. I decided to give it a go, spurred on by a household full of cookie loving women. I'm not usually a fan of cookies, I think it's mostly based on their look. They're so chunky and unattractive, and they're usually a bit too sweet for me. However, I was drawn to this mix because of its delightful packaging. I adore Kilner jars. My life is full of them. I keep all manner of things in them, and any excuse to add another one to my collection is reason enough for me.

The mix comes with almost everything included. All you need to provide to make these tasty treats is 1 large egg and 75g of butter. Easy.
The mix makes 18-20 cookies.

The cookies are extremely easy to make, and instructions go something like:

Melt the butter

Chuck all of the mix into the bowl

Add the egg

Roll into balls

Squish onto a tray and bake


The result was pleasant but too sweet for me. The cookies, as is fairly normal, were not the most attractive of things, this really bugs me but I don't think there's much to be done about it. The cranberry and white chocolate worked well together, and the tartness of the cranberry took a little of the sweetness away. The consistency was good, a little chewy and bendy, but still soft enough to be enjoyable. They went down a treat in my household, I could barely snap a photo before they were all gone.

Beautifully packaged, easy to make and fairly tasty, I think these would make a lovely present. I definitely wouldn't buy one for myself (far too self indulgent/unnecessary for a baker), but they're perfect as gifts.

Scarlet Bakes do a variety of different flavours and types of product, however their website seems to be looking a bit odd at present. You should be able to buy the products directly from their website (and you were able to in the past), but I'm not quite sure what's going on with it now.

However, all products, as well as previously (and some products currently) being sold in Selfridges, Harrods and Fortnum and Mason, seem to be available on Amazon. The Belgian White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie Mix- 460g is available for £8.99, which is steep for cookies, but fairly good for the price of a gift. The mixes won Great Taste Gold Awards in 2010, and you can't fault the quality of the ingredients, the names of which are all pronounceable, and fairly logical (no odd E numbers here).

Have any of you tried Scarlet Bakes? Do you have a favourite 'ready assembled' mix? Any recommendations?

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